Babies and Fortune Cookies – we love them!

You’ll never guess it, but babies and fortune cookies go together like jam and scones. Yum!
Why? Because fortune cookies can be involved in spreading the joy in a surprising and delightful way.
We’re so lucky to have been involved in some lovely baby announcements, and here are just a few of the ways you can use fortune cookies to share the wonderful news.

1. Get a copy of the baby scan and a personal message hidden inside a giant fortune cookie. Then when the occasion is right (maybe a family dinner), get someone to open it!

2. Single custom fortune cookies could be sent overseas! True story – we labelled bags with number 1 and number 2, and they were posted to South Africa. Over Skype the ‘parents-to-be’ share their good news by telling their parents which cookie to break.

3. By baking a blue or pink strip of cookie paper, and the message “baby is arriving (date)” – you could share them out at a gathering of family for everyone to feel a part of the news. Make sure you watch people’s faces as it dawns on them – we recommend filming!

4. Want to make the reveal a little more tricky? You could include traditional Confucius messages to make it a little more cryptic – ‘Confucius says soon there will be three’, ‘Confucius says new arrival on “date”.

5. Back to the giant fortune cookies, we have had one dipped in chocolate, topped with M&Ms, and the message inside said ‘You’re going to be a DADDY!

Your secret is safe with us!
Some people get a cake made blue or pink on the inside when they find out what they are having – but what about cracking open a fortune cookie to reveal whether it’s a boy or a girl, we think that’s pretty cool and know many people who have said the same thing.

Baby announcements have become a very special part of the whole process for parents-to-be, so why not make it something unique and original.
We know people love fortune cookies – there’s something so captivating and fun about cracking them open, and of course we know they’ll love the message inside too.


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