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Dips and Decorations


Rolled cookie wafer, chocolate dipped and decs. Add some crunch to your icecream and chocolate mousse.

Cookie Crumbs

Dips and Decorations

Introduce colour and another flavour by getting your fortune cookies dipped & decorated with crunchy flavoured cookie crumbs. Try a strawberry cookie with apple flavoured crumbs, chocolate & caramel crumbs, or coffee & mint crumbs. So many different combinations. When you place an order for chocolate dipped fortune cookies you’ll find the different crumbs to choose from in the ‘decoration’ section of the form.

Logo’d Fortune Cookies

Dips and Decorations

Fortune cookies can now be chocolate dipped and decorated with 100% edible custom artwork. Your logo, text or image is applied to each fortune cookie and decorated with sugar sprinkles. Prices start from $2.30 per cookie.
Call us on 09 4896796 for more information and to order.


Dips and Decorations

Our new Trios are the perfect treat to share with friends, or as a small gift. Each pack holds 3 different flavoured fortune cookies, dipped in chocolate with a good fortune tucked inside. Available in the following 4 combinations: Caramel, Chocolate & Vanilla; ChocNut, Coffee & Mint; Strawberry, Raspberry & Vanilla; Mango, Coconut & Pineapple.
Retailers interested in stocking our Trios please contact us for more information

Single Custom Cookie

Dips and Decorations

We’re able to customise single fortune cookies for you. $3 plain or $3.50 chocolate dipped. Go here to order

We Now Make Them Even Bigger

Dips and Decorations

You can now choose from 4 sizes for personalised fortune cookies. Traditional, BIG, GIANT and SUPER SIZE

Cookie ‘n Card – a surprise in every cookie

Personal Messages

FACT: No one can resist cracking open a fortune cookie and reading the message inside – absolutely no one! So make someone smile by sending them one of our Cookie ‘n Cards.


Cookie & Crumbs
Cookie & Crumbs
You can now introduce another colour and flavour to your fortune cookies. Try a coffee cookie with mint crumbs, vanilla & strawberry crumbs or chocolate and caramel.
New!!! STIX
New!!!   STIX
Rolled cookie wafers dipped in chocolate. Add as a topping to your icecream sundaes, serve with chocolate mousse or just snack on them with a cup of coffee. Crunchy and so delicious!! Available in-store now.