boys GiftBox2

Boy’s Birthday Gift Box


Surprise the birthday boy with a gift box of 10 chocolate dipped vanilla fortune cookies. The cookies come with fun & inspirational messages hidden inside them and each one is decorated with a cute themed sugar dec. They're also individually bagged so they'll keep crispy and fresh tasting until eaten.

  • Your free gift card message is enclosed with your gift. Be sure to include your name so the recipient knows who to thank.


Cookie & Crumbs
Cookie & Crumbs
You can now introduce another colour and flavour to your fortune cookies. Try a coffee cookie with mint crumbs, vanilla & strawberry crumbs or chocolate and caramel.
New!!! STIX
New!!!   STIX
Rolled cookie wafers dipped in chocolate. Add as a topping to your icecream sundaes, serve with chocolate mousse or just snack on them with a cup of coffee. Crunchy and so delicious!! Available in-store now.