Dessert Wafers Vanilla & ChocOrange


Rolled dessert wafers, dipped in chocolate. Serve with a bowl of ice-cream to add some crunchy cookie deliciousness, or serve with coffee & tea.

Box of 12 wafers: Chocolate wafers dipped in dark chocolate and topped with orange cookie crumbs and Vanilla wafers dipped in creamy milk chocolate.

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Fortune cookie Pails
Fortune cookie Pails
We're now stocking Packs that are filled with our great tasting vanilla fortune cookies. Five 'fortune' themes to choose from: Good fortunes, Kid's fortunes, Kiwiana, Christmas and Chinese New Year.
New!!! Dessert Wafers
New!!!   Dessert Wafers
Vanilla, Salted Caramel & ChocOrange rolled cookie wafers dipped in chocolate. Add as a topping to your icecream sundaes, serve with chocolate mousse or just snack on them with a cup of coffee. Crunchy and so delicious!! Available in-store now.