They are truly harmless. Some items masquerading as harmless have been known to hurt people. No FC would ever purposely bring misfortune.

Misfortune Cookies


Do your friends and family have a sense of humour? Then these are the fortune cookies for them as they tell it like it is. 8 individually bagged, vanilla flavoured fortune cookies, each with a 'misfortune' hidden inside it. Packed into a noodle box for the perfect 'fun' gift.


Fun Kid’s Birthday Box
Fun Kid’s Birthday Box
We've now got decorated fortune cookies for the kids. Each crispy vanilla cookie has a themed 'fortune' hidden inside it and is then dipped in milk or white chocolate and then topped with a cute sugar dec. For the boys there's cars, monster faces, bugs... and the girls ladybird, flowers, hearts, butterfly.....
Think Apple Pie
The latest flavour we're baking is apple & cinnamon - delicious! Fresh apple flavour with a hint of spice.