Who we are

Who are we?

Started in 2005 from a passion for baking and a gap in the market for this customisable treat, Fortune Cookies became the original baker of fortune cookies in New Zealand.
Over time the recipe was perfected and a range of chocolate dips, decorations and custom messages was created, allowing us to adapt each customer’s order to suit their event or celebration. As word got out, business expanded into the corporate landscape and a special oven was commissioned to allow us to bake bigger and more complex orders.

The range has expanded to include GIANT fortune cookies, gluten free and vegan options and innovative flavours such as lemon meringue, salted caramel, peanut butter brittle and a new caramel chocolate dip. By using only free range eggs, quality flavours and Belgian chocolate, our fortune cookies surpass the expectations of traditional fortune cookies, offering a moreish alternative.

Many years later we are even busier baking and supplying fortune cookies for weddings, business promotions, corporate events and to stock our small Milford shop where you can pick & mix your own bag of fortune cookies.

Fortune Cookies are all about the experience – it’s fun, there’s the anticipation of what’s inside the cookie, then the conversation around the message that is usually shared and of course there is the great tasting cookie for afterwards! – Sandy Broadhurst, owner of Fortune Cookies.