Why choose Fortune Cookies as wedding favours – why not?!

Wedding season is just around the corner – are you ready?

Choosing wedding favours is just one thing on a long list of ‘to-do’s’ for the big day, but the great thing is it doesn’t have to be a stressful task, or result in a budget blow-out. Why? Because Fortune Cookie wedding favours are a really fun addition to the wedding table and are super simple to organise.

Choose your theme…
We know every wedding is unique, and that’s why we will do our best to create any colour combination to match the rest of your day. The cookies can be a plain colour, or be dipped into chocolate – and we also have a variety of sprinkles they can be coated with. The options are endless – so make sure you take this into consideration when deciding on what you want.

Choose your message…
The messages inside the fortune cookies are completely customisable, which means you can cater them to your guests. A lot of our customers will put in a special note that can be a keepsake of the day for guests – like thanking them for coming.

How to package them…
From online shops to your local mall, there are plenty of options when it comes to the way you can package your fortune cookies. A box, a gift bag, or simply tied up with a ribbon, make sure you do your research online (and Pinterest) to get all kinds of ideas!

Where to put them…
Depending on your table set up, you could have them waiting for guests as part of the setting – they could even double as place names. Or pop them on a special table where they sit until guests are on their way home.

Having Fortune Cookies as wedding favours is an easy thing to take care – so get in touch today.

“I had such a hard time trying to find a unique wedding favour that wouldn’t cost too much. So when I stumbled across the Fortune Cookie website, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. I loved being able to customise how they looked, and what fortune went inside them – the guests loved them!” – Erin H, Married in February 2015


New! Themed Gift Boxes
New! Themed Gift Boxes
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Shop In-store
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